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Are you looking for simple, practical ways to harness the power of your own inner wisdom to improve the health & wellbeing of yourself and those you care about?

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Co-Creational Self-Healing combines intuitive self-care and bodywork techniques with conscious spiritual intention to restore and realign body, mind AND spirit… so the Whole-Self can be well, vibrant and functioning at peak efficiency.

What’s often forgotten when discomfort or stress is showing up in the body (like unexplained headaches /migraines, difficulty sleeping, overwhelm, panic attacks, weird aches and pains that appear to have no physical ‘cause’), is that if your body is uneasy, it just may be Spirit’s way of attracting your attention.

Our mission is to help you gently heal stress and discomfort in the body – with easy-to-learn, intuitive bodywork practices that simultaneously support and expand your own spiritual growth.

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