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About Barb

Barb from Clear Choices

Barb Timmer, Intuitive Bodyworker and Energy Healer, embodies the collected wisdom and insights of more than a decade’s immersion in the healing arts…

Barb’s greatest passion is to give you the skills to confidently heal stress and discomfort in the body – with easy-to-learn, intuitive bodywork practices that simultaneously support and expand spiritual growth.

Barb is the Founder of Co-Creational Self-Healing™, a Reiki Master/Teacher, Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT) in Traditional Foot and Hand Reflexology, Thai Foot Reflexologist and Spring Forest Qigong Practitioner.

When not busy with energy work, she will likely be found walking, gardening, reading and spending time with her family and friends.


A personal letter from Barb:

In 2002 my life came to an unexpected crossroads…

I was 14 years into raising our two boys, and about 12 years into being the administrator of our family heating business. At that time, we were busy building not only our own dream home, but also working on two other homes for our clients. Looking back, it’s an understatement to say that we were ‘just a bit busy’ and more than a bit over-extended!

I felt my job was to stay strong for everybody else, run the business, be there for our employees, and take care of the family too.

On the outside, I was playing at being Superwoman, but on the inside I was stretched thin, scared as hell and overwhelmed with worry. Once everyone left the house in the morning I would begin shaking like a leaf, head straight back to bed, and stay there until I could breathe normally again.

Once it was so bad that I actually wondered if I was having a heart attack!

And then, thank goodness, the Universe stepped in… and in a very synchronistic way I was led to the world of energy healing. I was amazed at how quickly the panic attacks disappeared and how much more clarity, calm and sense of connection I began to experience right away!

From that moment my life began moving in a powerful new direction…

I immersed myself in the study of Reiki and other energy therapies eventually becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Reflexologist and Qigong Practitioner. Through the years, I was able to overcome worry and personal fears that had immobilized me for so long. Today, as the ‘Clear, Calm and Connected Coach’, it is not only my passion but my mission to share what I’ve learned to help others restore inner balance and reclaim their zest for life!

So, here are the three important things you need to know…

  • Firstly, you’re not alone!
  • Secondly, I’ve spent the last dozen years mastering a wide range of powerful, integrated stress-reduction techniques that work on every level of your being…. body, mind and spirit.
  • And thirdly, it can happen faster than you think.

To get you started, be sure and download your FREE copy of my game-changing ebook: “Quick and Easy ways to Reboot Your Energy… When Your Inner Peace is Out of Whack!”

Inside you’ll find three simple, yet surprisingly powerful 10-minute (or less!) techniques – even if you’re a complete beginner — to diffuse stress energy and support a more balanced energetic flow throughout your body.

I’m excited and honored to be sharing this journey with you.

The power is YOURS!