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reikiReiki has SO many benefits! At the very least, it is very relaxing and extremely helpful with stress and pain reduction. For me, it helped my body, mind & spirit with the distressing panic attacks I was experiencing. They completely disappeared within a very short time! That was more than 12 years ago now and my life looks completely different. Reiki began as a technique to help me feel better – more calm and centred – and it helped me to have more clarity in my day-to-day life so making decisions became easier. From there, it became a “lifestyle”; a way to balance my energy daily; to invite help from the Universe, to trust more, to have more compassion and to have a unique tool to be able to help others when needed.

Whatever it may be for you, know that Reiki always helps! Sometimes, it helps on a very subtle level on either the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels of your consciousness. You notice a difference over time in perhaps physical symptoms, your perceptions or how you feel. Other times, the effects are immediately obvious as in stress or pain reduction or perhaps, receiving insights or having increased awareness into your feelings or situation.

I love what I call Practical Reiki! It’s not just about having or giving a “treatment”. For me, it’s all about the different ways you can bring Reiki into your daily life. Giving myself Reiki before I even get out of bed in the morning is a great way to start the day by receiving loving, healing energy from the Universe! Having it at my “fingertips” is awesome when I have pain whether it be from stubbing my toe or overworking my knees in an extremely long walk. I use it when I’m alone in meditation to deepen my level of relaxation or when I’m at an event where someone may have a headache or an injury. And always, it is there for me when I’m consoling a friend.

How would YOU use a wonderful healing technique like Reiki for yourself and others?

Below, you will find a brief description of what Reiki is. I hope it helps! In the end, you need to experience it for yourself in order to know what it feels like; what it may do for you. I invite you to try it out – you’ll never know how different – how good you can feel until you take a baby step in a different direction!

Although Reiki is considered to be a very old Japanese healing art, modern Reiki was discovered by Mikao Usui in 1922 and brought to North America (Hawaii) in 1937. It is a gentle, yet powerful technique for relaxation, stress reduction and inner balance.

“Rei” means universal or higher power and “ki” means life force energy.  Many cultures believe in a universal or spiritual energy that permeates all that exists. There are as many different names for it as there are different cultures.   It is called “ki” in Japan, “chi” or qi” in China, “prana” in Sanskrit and “ti” or “ki” in Hawaiian.  If the flow of “ki” is blocked spiritually, mentally or emotionally then our health is affected in numerous ways.  This spiritually-guided life force energy can bring back balance to your body’s natural state of well-being, create a sense of calm and clarity, reduce stress, promote restful sleep, healing and deep relaxation.

This wonderful healing technique has evolved over time into newer and unique systems of Reiki, the most recent being Holy Fire Reiki. This has come through at a very chaotic and stressful time on our planet when healing is needed on a global scale. It is an energy that comes from a higher vibrational source and combines beautifully with the original Usui as well as Karuna Reiki.

During your Reiki session, you remain fully clothed although you are asked to remove your shoes.  The session is carried out on a massage table.  The practitioner places his/her hands on or above different energy positions on the body.  You may feel  warmth or a tingling sensation.  Many clients describe their experience as a wonderful glowing energy traveling through and around them.

$100 per session (75 min)

Each session includes a 15 minute consultation, a one-hour Reiki treatment, a scan of your body’s energy for areas of focus and intuitive insights and helpful techniques for you to work on at home.

5-Treatment Packs are available after your initial treatment at a discounted rate.

Foot and Hand Reflexology

foot reflexologyReflexology is a healing art that promotes relaxation, stress reduction and improved circulation throughout the body.

It is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears which correspond to every part, gland and organ in the body. Through application of pressure to these reflexes, reflexology can relieve tension, improve circulation & elimination and help promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.

There are over 7200 nerve endings in each of the feet which are intricately connected with all areas of the body through the brain and spinal cord. The relaxed state that the body achieves when experiencing pressure to the reflexes helps it to regain increased states of internal balance and stimulates its own healing abilities.

During your Reflexology session, you remain fully clothed except for the removal of your shoes and socks. The session is carried out with the client in a semi-reclined position in a recliner or on a massage table. Gentle pressure is applied to the reflexes on your feet. If there are areas of tenderness, pressure is adjusted to meet your needs.

$60 per session (45 to 60 min)

Your first visit will include a review of your health intake form to determine any areas that could impact your Reflexology treatment, a 45 minute session as well as helpful techniques for you to use on your own when you leave. Any follow-up sessions will be 60 minutes.

5-Treatment Packs are available after your initial session at a discounted rate.

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